Early bookings will benefit from a free standard ticket to the SiGMA Europe show in Malta this November, as travel restrictions lift across the continent.


With airports throughout Europe reopening, the events industry is optimistic that the business, entertainment and tourism sectors will be back on their feet and enjoying new shoots of growth by the end of the year.

Malta’s airport is set to reopen on July 15, allowing for flights to a number of destinations after the Covid-19 pandemic put a halt to all commercial travel earlier this year.

As a result, SiGMA Group has announced it is offering free standard tickets, valued at €49, for delegates who book a pass to the November show before July 15.

Held in Malta this year, the Europe show will run from November 17-19, uniting affiliates, operators and suppliers under the island’s robust regulatory framework.

The supershow will merge two large expos – SiGMA and AIBC – bringing innovation and new tech to the gaming industry and introducing a novel way of exploring these leading verticals.

The November summit will follow a trio of digital summits held throughout the summer. While the June conference, SiGMA Asia Digital, garnered high attendance figures, a virtual meet-up doesn’t quite replace the in-person networking experience of an on-the-ground expo. Moving forward, though, summits will all feature a virtual expo, giving attendees a more holistic and interactive experience.