Investigation service HooYu Investigate has partnered with gambling operator Bear Group, which operates UK casino brands such as Slingo and SpinGenie.


HooYu Investigate is a data visualisation platform, which will be utilised by Bear Group to enable its compliance, social responsibility and fraud teams to save money and time.

Ben Nichols, head of payments and compliance at Bear Group, said: “The first thing we noticed when initially testing HooYu Investigate is how highly intuitive it is to use. The visual interface enables us to see all the information and discover connections and data about individuals that would normally go undiscovered. It also gives us access to a lot of the data sources we would use in one application, this means that our KYC checks are now more in-depth and faster to conduct.”

Dominic Blackburn, product director for HooYu Investigate, added: “We help operators to discover Non-Obvious Relationship Awareness information about customers at a click, helping with investigations into source of funds, problem gambling, collusion, multiple accounts and fraud rings. Bear Group now have a unique and intuitive way to visualise their customers, meaning that investigators are now able to really get inside the information, and can discover and learn much more than was previously possible.”