Hartlepool is the UK’s gambling capital in terms of its population showing interest in gambling, according to Playcasino, the online site, that conducted a study.


It said that Hartlepool had a monthly search volume of 8,647 per 100,000 searches. Second came Huyton, near Liverpool, with 8,423 per 100,000, while Slough near London had the lowest count at 2,146.

The study analysed Google Keyword Planner data across the UK for words associated with gambling over the previous year to come up with the figures.

Following Hartlepool and Huyton came Grimsby, Barry, Kingston upon Hull, Clacton-on-Sea, Sunderland, Dundee, Blackpool and Great Yarmouth.

A spokesperson for the researcher commented: “The locations most interested are those living by the sea, likely due to to number of amusements and casinos available in coastal towns.”