Games developer FlowPlay has announced the launch of its first real-time sports betting game, Ready Set Bet, for the start of the 2016 professional American football season.

The free-to-play game allows players to bet on plays in real-time. Available in FlowPlay’s social casino, Vegas World, players can place a bet on any drive in progress during all live professional football games, with the chance to win a virtual payout after each completed drive.

“The current landscape of fantasy football in the US allows for weekly or, at most, daily options to place sports bets,” said Derrick Morton, chief executive officer of FlowPlay. “Armchair quarterbacks everywhere now have a third option to make proposition bets in real-time as they watch games live. While the pay-off may not be real money, Ready Set Bet does leave plenty of room for bragging rights and truly connects fantasy friends from around the world in one place online to also brag in real-time.”

Players can join at any point during a live game to place their bet as innings or drives take place. Bets are paid out with virtual currency and points are determined throughout the game, with the player with the most points at the end of the game declared the winner. Lightning Bets encourage players to bet on rapid gameplay situations that pop up throughout a game, such as a fourth and short ruling or a challenge on the field.