Galaxsys has added a range of new features to its Ninja Crash game which it says has made the title “even more appealing” to the company’s partners.

Galaxsys Ninja Crash

A new Combo Bonus feature sees players earn a Combo Bonus by slicing a randomly appearing sweet. This triggers a bonus game where more sweets are able to be sliced.

The bonus odds are additive and are combined with the main game’s odds at the end of the round, ensuring players benefit from the bonus session in the event of a main game loss.

Galaxsys has also added a live chat function to Ninja Crash, where players can message in real time. An improved algorithm, meanwhile, will provide a “prolonged and enjoyable gaming experience.”

“With the latest updates and features, Ninja Crash is now even more appealing to Galaxsys partners, ensuring an elevated gaming experience for their players,” the company added.

“These enhancements are designed to increase enjoyment, engagement, and rewards.”

The new Freeze Bonus feature “guarantees” player win, Galaxys said, as it fixes their current winnings.

The company has furthermore introduced an Auto Play mode, a landscape version of Ninja Crash for mobile players and an optimised interface, as well as a maximum coefficient of 5,000x.