A partnership has been announced between Swedish game developer Gaming Corps and Superbet, the largest online gaming operator in Romania.


Under the agreement, Superbet will distribute Gaming Corps igaming products and offer its upcoming multiplier games within the new iJect series exclusively in Romania for three months.

Multiplier games is a relatively new category of games within igaming, inspired by cryptocurrency “crash games” on which the fundamental functionality of betting on a moving object is based. As the object moves forward or upward, the bet multiplier increases and the player must decide whether to leave the game early or dare to hold on for a larger payout.

The games are quick and intuitive and in increasing consumer demand as of late, with the community aspect having significant bearing on their popularity. The concept of players being able to follow the choices of other players betting on the same round adds to the excitement and attraction. Gaming Corps has three multiplier games currently in production under the new product line iJect.