Leading experts are set to gather to discuss best practices at the Georgia iGaming Affiliate Conference, which takes place in the Biltmore Tbilisi Hotel on October 18.

Gambling operators, advertisers, marketing specialists, affiliates and webmasters will share their experience in a conference that aims to unite online and offline casinos, as well as to provide conditions for the exchange of contacts and experience in order to earn more, carry out legal operations, avoid penalties and expand businesses. 

Attendees will discover how to establish a casino in Georgia, find investment, increase the customer flow and obtain traffic sources.  

The conference ends with an afterparty where speakers, sponsors, participants and VIP ticket owners will keep on talking with a glass of Georgian wine. 

The party, as well as the whole event, is organized by Smile-Expo, an international company that has been holding business and high-tech events for 13 years.