Sportradar Integrity Services has detected more than 1,100 suspicious sports matches since the start of the global pandemic in April 2020, with 655 of those matches detected in the first nine months of 2021.


In the last 18 months Sportradar has utilised its bet monitoring system, the Universal Fraud Detection System, to detect suspicious activity in 12 different sports across more than 70 countries worldwide.

These insights are published as Sportradar officially begins delivering its UFDS bet monitoring service free of charge, effective today, to sports federations, sports leagues and state authorities around the world, in its continued commitment to protecting the integrity of global sport and making the system accessible to all.

According to Sportradar’s UFDS figures, soccer is the sport at most risk of betting related corruption with more than 500 suspicious matches detected in 2021 to date.

Approximately 40 per cent of the suspicious activities reported within domestic soccer competitions come from third-tier leagues and below, including youth level, as fixers increase their attention on lower-level matches.