Sportech has signed a strategic technology services agreement with Longitude for exclusive distribution of its single pools product within Europe and India for sports pool betting.

The Longitude technology, which was developed in the securities business, should yield a number of benefits to Sportech as it has been modified for sports pool bettin, the company said.

Single pools are a way of building liquidity by offering multiple bet types based on a single pool, which should generate “larger, deeper and more liquid” betting pools on football and cricket. Sportech believes that this will enhance its suite of products and technical functionality and, following certain technology integration work, anticipates bringing new products to market in the second quarter of 2013.

"Our significant international presence, particularly in North America, has enabled this alliance to be forged and we are delighted to have signed this important agreement with Longitude,” said Ian Penrose, chief executive of Sportech. “As we have previously said, the constant evolution of the customer experience and development of new products is a priority for management and working with Longitude will add considerably to our digital products and technical capabilities, initially focused on football.”