LaserLock Technologies, which provides state-of-the-art identification solutions, has developed a solution that authenticates those playing online gaming platforms – something seen as critical to the viability of future interstate online gambling in the US.

"Verifying a player's identity is a simple process in a casino, but has become a major hindrance for legislators looking to legalise internet gambling," said Neil Alpert, president of LaserLock Technologies.

"In an online environment, the risks for fraud increase dramatically as there are few ways to truly verify identity, age or location.

“Our patented technology brings internet gaming companies a solution that lowers that risk substantially by verifying a player's identity each time they play and by providing an ethical component that protects the user," said Alpert.

The LaserLock authentication system uses geo-location tracking and biometric facial recognition via webcam. While online gambling is still banned in the vast majority of states, the system promises to help companies faced with strict licensing regulations in those states which do permit it.