Interactive live streaming specialist nanocosmos is facing 2021 with renewed optimism in the light of changes to gaming legislation in Europe and the UK.


It’s been a tumultuous year and the gaming sector in Europe has seen some major changes, both temporary and long-term.

"The gaming sector can be considered several types of applications, like igaming, gambling, betting and auctions, or even business applications with gamification elements, like polls and quizzes," said nanocosmis CEO and founder Oliver Lietz.

"Looking ahead to 2021, there are many more changes on the horizon, from live-streaming disrupters to considerable alterations of national legislation, all based on the increase of online and live gaming.

"Europe and UK are facing new rules and regulations. From a UK perspective, the biggest change in 2021 is the review of the 2005 Gambling Act, which is the foundation for the laws that govern both local and internet casinos.

"The review is expected to bring greater restrictions. There will likely be measures of limiting game timings to ensure manageable gaming sessions, erratic behaviour and binge spending and reductions or bans of loyalty and VIP programmes as well.

"Players in the UK and EU have been able to make use of games based across Europe, but Brexit could force more localised gambling with the possibility of EU countries becoming stricter on UK-based players. Also operators may need to work on better protection against losses and keep stakes and player deposits limited.

"Germany, on the other hand, is actually loosening its gaming legislation with the State Treaty on Gaming 2021. This builds on the 2020 treaty and will enable private providers to offer online games that were previously prohibited in Germany in order to provide a safe and legal alternative to the black market.

"There are also Covid-specific restrictions that will continue into 2021, such as Sweden’s stricter depositing rules, loss limits and login times and temporary coronavirus measures as it was the case in Latvia.

"Live gaming based on live streaming is becoming a total game-changer for online gaming. This year has changed the live streaming landscape forever. What was once niche is now many people’s everyday reality and within the gaming sector one of the growing industries for live streaming.

"This comes in the form of live-streamed casino games, betting and auctions, offering the attractions of traditional venues with the convenience and safety of virtual events.”