Enthusiast Gaming, in partnership with its esports division Luminosity Gaming, has entered into a sponsorship and partnership agreement with PartyCasino.Fun, an online casino with over 500 games ranging from classics such as blackjack and roulette to a wide variety of online slots.

Through the agreement, PartyCasino.Fun’s logo will appear on Luminosity Gaming jerseys,  which will be visible during live streams and broadcast events, as well as in the online store. Additionally, PartyCasino.Fun will sponsor the 19+ gaming lounge at EGLX, providing mutual access and opportunity to another tier of gamers.

Enthusiast Gaming will run a series of polls that ask attendees to choose between a real-life location and a videogame location. After the poll’s conclusion in December, the results will be utilised on Enthusiast Gaming’s wide social media presence to promote PartyCasino.Fun as a personal getaway, giving PartyCasino.Fun a newfound Canadian reach.

Menashe Kestenbaum, president of Enthusiast Gaming, said: “The partnership with PartyCasino.Fun is exciting for us and validates the size and scale of our combined media and gaming platform.

“We used the sales and marketing expertise of our newly formed direct sales team, to create a unique, customised marketing strategy for PartyCasino.Fun to reach their media and sponsorship goals. It is encouraging to see our sales force already delivering value and driving revenue. We look forward to partnering with PartyCasino.Fun, and working closely with their team.”