Testing lab eCOGRA said its presence close to the Consumer Protection Zone at ICE 2024 has fitted in well the company’s overall responsible gambling message.


Head of growth Chad Shering said: “We don’t do a lot of business from walk-ups, but it’s nice when crowds are attracted here and they are seeing our brand.”

“We’ve had an awesome time catching up with clients and we’re also meeting face-to-face with clients we have onboarded for the first time,” Shering added.

“It’s nice seeing the new and different tech and ideas, and all the various aspects the industry has to offer.”

The company recently opened its new office in Colorado and Shering said the move “adds some substance to our growth and globalisation,” with eCOGRA “expanding and growing.”

“Being able to establish offices there is a good next step,” he added.

As for further expansion plans, Peru is “pressing” for eCOGRA, Shering said.

“A lot of our clients are wanting us there, so we’ll most definitely be there.

“Brazil, we’re still trying to figure out what the framework looks like. I think there’s primary legislation, but we need secondary legislation to direct what the actual requirements are for all the suppliers and operators to meet.

“We’ll be aiming to sort our West Virginia expansion out and I think a couple of smaller US states, but nothing major. I think Peru and Brazil are the main goals.”