A blistering attack on 'British internet gambling companies' was launched by a gaming machine industry leader at the start of the Forbes Show, an exhibition for the street gaming market, in Prague, Czech Republic, on Wednesday of this week.

Ivo Kasal, who runs Forbes, but who is also President of the Czech trade association for the street market, UNASO, said in an interview: "There are new laws being framed for the Czech Republic right now. We are working with the casino and sports betting trade associations to lobby the authorities on various aspects of the proposed new law.
"One area of great interest to us is internet gambling. It is illegal in the Czech Republic, yet billions of Czech crowns are gambled on the internet each year. There are a number of companies offering internet gambling and they are doing it in the Czech language, so they are obviously targeting Czech citizens, flouting the regulations. They are mainly UK-run companies. We will be working with the authorities to get this practice stamped out."