Raketech’s acting CEO Johan Svensson said Q4 revenue of €22.8m and organic growth of 45.3 per cent year-on-year has given the company a “solid platform” for 2024.


Q4 revenue jumped from €15.7m in Q4 2022 driven primarily by continued growth within sub-affiliation.

EBITDA reached €6m, down from €6.4m, impacted by a “softer development in Sweden, compared against a strong fourth quarter 2022 impacted positively by the FIFA World Cup in in that year.”

However, other regions showed “good performance and sub-affiliation continued to grow,” Raketech said.

Svensson said he is “fully committed to driving additional revenue” as the company reported operating profit of €2.8m, down from €4.3m a year ago.