MyAffiliates, the affiliate marketing software provider, has announced a major rebranding of its product image to reflect the company’s evolution in the online betting, gaming, forex and binary industries.

Clemence Dujardin, general manager at MyAffiliates, said: “MyAffiliates has been around since 2007. Our technology and our products have evolved considerably since then. It was high time for a rethink of our brand to plot our journey in the years ahead. We have been very successful over the years working with an ever growing number of online operators worldwide. Our new brand is an invitation to them to join us as we continue to improve our offering.

“The new brand recalls MyAffiliates’ sterling reputation as the most flexible affiliate marketing software on the market. This flexibility is built on the features we developed along the years. But our success also rests on transparency in our pricing structure and the support we provide our customers anytime they need it, whichever time zone they are in. Our vision remains to build software that answers the needs of the industry, backed by reliable and scalable technologies.”