Boomerang Partners has launched the Golden Boomerang Awards 2024, a traffic tournament for affiliates worldwide.

Golden Boomerang Awards Boomerang Partners

The tournament is the first by the company and rewards affiliates who drive high quality traffic to online gambling platforms.

Running from February 14 to May 14, it offers affiliates potential rewards including cash prizes, VIP benefits and merchandise.

The tournament welcomes both existing and new partners of Boomerang. Partners should submit an online application and receive a unique ID. This ID ensures transparent evaluation of the traffic driven.

The most active participants will be spotlighted across categories including Best Sportsbook Traffic 2025 and Best Casino Traffic 2024.

The Golden Boomerang Awards uses a performance-based scoring system focusing on the quality of first-time deposits and the awards ceremony on June 1 will host the top 30 finalists in Cyprus.

Boomerang Partners CEO Vitalii Prokofev said: “Making balanced and fair rules in our tournament, we aim to measure an affiliate's ability to bring value to any partner program effectively.

“The Golden Boomerang Awards thus objectively recognises those with true best-in-class traffic generation skills — a mark of top-tier affiliate talent.

“Winners of the Boomerang Award are revered as high-performance leaders, setting a standard for the industry.”