WA.Technology has joined the Mexican Association for Permit Holders, Operators, and Suppliers of the Entertainment and Gambling Industry.


The AIEJA is a civil association aimed at driving forward the industry in Mexico by sharing dialogue and best practices about the gaming sector’s economic, tax and social contributions.

The association is currently pushing for more responsible gambling practices within the industry and legislative reforms concerning the General Law of Gaming and Lotteries.

"Joining AIEJA not only strengthens our foothold in the Mexican market but also aligns us with the top industry leaders dedicated to promoting transparency and innovation,” said WA.Technology’s Axel Antillon, regional director of LatAm.

“This membership is a testament to our commitment to delivering secure, high-quality gaming experiences."

The AIEJA’s push for legislative reforms includes safeguarding against unfair practices and endorsing equitable labour conditions for both direct and indirect employment opportunities created by the sector.