Nuvei Corporation has announced another enhancement to its suite of payout solutions, this time for US regulated online sports betting and igaming markets.


Consumers can now verify their bank account through Plaid on withdrawals - not only deposits. The company’s new Verified Withdrawals product gives all players the advantage of instant withdrawals, regardless of what method they used to deposit the funds.

Verified, instant withdrawals offer an enhanced user experience and are available to operators through Nuvei’s Instant Bank Transfer technology. The company was the first in the North American market to offer real-time payments in sports wagering and igaming through its acquisition of Mazooma in August.

Through one partnership and integration, gaming operators benefit from simple, flexible and secure payout options, with the ability to fund consumers' payment cards, eWallets and bank accounts instantly and seamlessly.

Nuvei's robust suite of payout options now include real-time payments for accelerated withdrawals, ACH payments, account to account transfers, Visa Direct and Mastercard Send, all enabling rapid disbursement of winnings for higher player satisfaction and greater retention.

“Consumers value choice," said Philip Fayer, Nuvei’s chair and CEO. "With our enhanced suite of payout options that now includes Verified Withdrawals, even if a player deposits using another payment method, they can still enjoy the best withdrawal experience and receive their winnings in their bank account within seconds.  

"Our goal is to offer the best payment experience in the industry, delivering a seamless customer journey from deposit to withdrawal, through one single integrated platform."

Verified Withdrawals’ functionality automatically matches players to their bank account information, reducing manual reconciliation, and saves operators both time and money.

Plus, the bank account verification with Know Your Customer checks happens before the withdrawal payment, giving operators the flexibility to review transactions for best risk management practices.