The Dutch Minister for Legal Protection has outlined more details on plans to bring in deposit limits for online casino players in the Netherlands.


A consultation on deposit limits in the country opened in February as part of wide-reaching plans to improve player protection changes.

Weerwind, whose government department oversees player protection in gambling, said he has organised more research into “whether a limit without the possibility of increase is most effective in protecting consumers and preventing gambling addiction, or whether another form of an overarching limit is more appropriate.”

He added that “further scientific justification is needed” for why and in what form overarching gaming limits are proportionate and effective.

“Therefore, I am having research conducted on how the largest possible number of players can be protected as effectively as possible," he said.

Weerwind is also exploring how the Netherlands could “centrally register a gaming limit” which would involve “linking data from all gambling providers per player” while also providing feedback to both gambling providers and players.

“An initial exploration of the technical possibilities has already been conducted, revealing multiple technical options. These are currently being further examined,” Weerwind said.

Although, the minister admitted the process for the implementation of deposit limits will be “complex to achieve” and will take “considerably more time” than has been mooted by the government.

He added: “To implement overarching gaming limits, an amendment to the decree and likely the law is necessary. This cannot be accomplished before summer.

“I will inform the Chamber of the progress before summer. By the end of this year, I aim to have the outlines ready for overarching limits and will share them with your Chamber.”

Weerwind said he wants the regulation to come into effect in October.