Kambi has revealed sportsbook data showing the arrival of football star Lionel Messi to the MLS has led to a surge in the US football league’s popularity and betting engagement around the world.


Network data from Kambi’s partner network showed that the 2023 MLS season witnessed a 33 per cent increase in bets compared to 2022.

Messi’s Inter Miami became the most bet-on team in MLS this season, rising from 15th place in that regard.

Inter Miami were also involved in eight of the 10 most bet-on games this season.

In Messi’s home country of Argentina, Kambi said bets increased 135 per cent compared to 2022. And Messi is already the most bet-on player in the MLS in the past four years since his arrival.

Jonathan Hurst, Kambi’s head of soccer, said: “Messi’s global appeal and star power have captured the attention of fans worldwide, and this has translated into a significant increase in betting engagement on MLS matches.”