Intellr sports betting intelligence, Racing Post’s new sports brand, has launched its in-play product.


The flagship football product provides customers with analysis throughout the 90 minutes and bridges the gap between real-time action and content by using advanced algorithms that combine live bookmaker’s odds with on-field events to produce expert predictions.

The product monitors 38 different data points, once an on-field event occurs this triggers the algorithm to analyse years of statistical data. This produces thousands of permutations and 100s of bet prompts which are then filtered to provide the most engaging content for the customer. Intellr in-play can cover over 90 leagues, in 40 languages, producing bet-prompting content for 35 markets including 10-minute markets.

The handwritten and concise predictions are supplied in actionable and concise formats via an API or front-end solution. The product is specifically designed to drive turnover and improve the betting experience.

Intellr’s head of digital, Will Fyler, said: “There is a huge appetite for high-quality sports betting content, both in the UK and internationally. Our research shows that insightful in-play content delivered in real-time will improve bet frequency and stake size. Our content also increases the dwell time of customers by 47 per cent, keeping customers on your site for longer.’

“In-play sports betting continues to grow. Our product is available now for all major football leagues and we’re looking to rolling it out across more sports, including tennis and basketball, in the coming months.’’