Csongor Lenkey, project manager at E-Gambling Montenegro, was full of praise after the company exhibited at ICE Totally Gaming for the first time.

E-Gambling Montenegro

“We consider the exhibition and our participation as a success,” said Lenkey.
”Last year was our first time at ICE, when we were here just to introduce the company and our services – but now we are better prepared, with more than six months’ experience."

The scale of the show made a strong impression on many visitors and exibitors and Lenkey is no exception: “This expo is in a bigger venue and we have received visitors and clients in high numbers, offering our services on site. We have had clients who have signed the application form for our services here.

“The feedback we have received at ICE has justified our concept and all-in-one model solution," added Lenkey. “The essence of it is that we provide all the required services and arrangements in a single service package, with minimum bureaucracy, and we deliver a turnkey solution in two to four weeks after receiving the application.

“As we had hoped, and as a result of this expo, we will have an increased number of inquiries and client application requests,” he concluded.