Catena Media has reached a service agreement deal with i15Media, providing the affiliate giant with affiliation activities in relation to companies or assets to be acquired by the company.

The deal is in addition to the US assets acquired in December 2016 by Catena. The service agreement, reached with sellers Chris Grove and Kendall Saville, gives Catena the option to provide new investment company i15Media with affiliation activities as well as a right of first refusal if i15Media decides to divest such assets or companies.

It means that Catena Media retains the knowledge and expertise of the US market that sits within the seller’s network and experience.

Per Hellberg, CEO of Catena Media, said: “I´m pleased to secure the sellers valuable knowledge and network in the important US market through this extended partnership.”

Chris Grove, co-founder of i15 Media, said: “We now enter a new phase in our journey as entrepreneurs and looking forward to do so with rapid growth and strong relationships with Catena Media.”