The Swedish Trade Association for Online Gambling, BOS, has welcomed the Swedish government’s proposals to help combat match-fixing.


The proposals focus on expanded and legally secure opportunities for betting companies and sports associations to exchange information with each other in the event of suspicion of manipulation of sports results.

BOS has for several years worked for and stood behind such a possibility, describing the proposals as “very welcome.” “Due to GDPR and other privacy legislation, there are obstacles for betting companies and sports associations to cooperate against match-fixing, when it comes to exchanging information about individuals,” said says Gustaf Hoffstedt, Secretary General of BOS. “The government now wants to remove that obstacle, and it is of course something that we, from the industry's side, welcome.

“In recent years, Sweden has conducted successful work against match-fixing, and the development of suspected manipulated matches has been decreasing. An enhanced opportunity for information exchange between betting companies and sports federations further strengthens the fight against match-fixing.”