Alterface, Jora Vision and ETF have joined forces to build a new dark ride, Basilisk, in Poland’s Legendia Park.

New dark ride for Polish amusement park

Alterface has overseen the total ride experience as the project's main contractor, applying interactive technology including video mapping, show control and shooting devices. Jora Vision was responsible for the design and production of the ride and its queue areas. ETF crafted the trackless vehicles, tailored to fit the Basilisk theme.

The ride is based on a story from Polish folklore in which the plants of a forest come to life. “Guests get a specific task in the queue and pre-show and finally board a vehicle to go on an exciting journey through the magical forests of Poland. Trees and plants come to life and take all kinds of forms and shapes, aligning the scenery with the story and enhancing the ride experience.”

Benoit Cornet, founder and CEO of Alterface, said that it was often difficult, though ultimately rewarding, to work as part of such a diverse team. “It was challenging to make sure everyone had time and space for their specific task, so we worked in shifts for testing and construction. But in the end it worked out really well and we reached the customer’s goal and hit the deadline for a spring opening.”

Pawel Cebula, CEO of Legendia, said: “Interactive dark rides are becoming very popular and many parks are starting to include this in their attraction offering. Poland is catching up on theme park entertainment and we are really pleased to offer such a high-tech ride specifically designed for Legendia.”