Neurogaming has hosted a number of multiplayer international VR tournaments, in partnership with Exit Reality, with its RevolVR game and has attracted thousands of participants to play the western shooter. The company's content is now available for US gamers.

Neurogaming hosts VR multiplayer tournaments

These have taken place across different countries and continents and connect gamers with just one game.

This is another piece of the puzzle all VR manufacturers are trying to solve; how do we make VR more social? As an attraction that’s outside the home, businesses with 17ft×17ft of play space can use the X Arc for up to four guests at a time.

Exit Reality and Neurogaming even set up shop at VRLA, a VR tech festival held at the Los Angeles Convention Centre, earlier this year. They were able to interconnect thousands of players together in a multiplayer tournament, which is nothing short of a VR miracle.

Yury Krylov, chief executive officer of Neurogaming, said: “We found a great partner in Exit Reality who shares our vision for what the VR gaming experience should be.”