In Spain, Catalonia’s main bingo operators – Cirsa, Conei and Rank – are to join a single electronic bingo network based on the Wingo! System from Unidesa.

Unidesa Unidesa

Wingo! Is an online gaming concept based on bingo that provides players with new features. This new alliance will see the networked rolled out in 40 per cent of halls in Catalonia, connecting around 1,000 terminals.

The network is scheduled to be up and running be the beginning of 2013.

The new agreement, Unidesa said, demonstrated the extent of the backing the company’s electronic bingo system has received.

Pictured - Santi Rosell of Conei (left), Cirsa’s Manel Estany and Jorge Ibáñez of Rank with Enric Barba of Unidesa