London’s EAG Expo, which had been set for the ExCeL centre from January 12-14, has been cancelled.


Owner trade association BACTA said in an announcement last night that the show had been the victim on the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

“We came to the conclusion that this was the only sensible solution considering the continuing restrictions on travel and mingling in larger groups. The high risk associated with putting on a show in the current climate meant that the directors could do nothing but recommend cancellation.”

The press release added a comment from chairman of the EAG board, Martin Burlin: “There is so much planning and work that goes into the EAG show for the exhibitors and organisers and we knew we had to take this difficult decision sooner rather than later. EAG is now exploring other ways in which it can support its exhibitors.”

James Miller, president of BACTA, said: “We know that this will be a great disappointment to many, but the safety of our members and visitors is paramount. We really wanted to be able to support our members, particularly those in Division  4 who were keen to show product, but the risks were just too great. We look forward to better times.”

John White, CEO of BACTA, added: “I would like to praise the way all parts of the association came together in a high-level debate to work through a difficult decision in the interests of the show, the association and the Industry.”