BattleKart is to open a venue in Melbourne, its first operation in Australia.


Players will drive in fully electric karts with AR projections onto the track and nearby surroundings of the 3,000 sq.m venue.

The AR elements can be interacted with in the form of item boxes and abilities which can include speed boosts, homing rockets, disruptive obstacles, shields and a minigun. 

Alongside racing, there are different game modes utilising the karts and AR technology, such as BattleColor where karts are tasked to drive over and paint the floor in their own respective colour, and BattleSnake, based on the game “Snake,” in which players avoid others’ tails as well as their own.

BattleKart Melbourne is expected to open in early 2024.

There are currently around 20 BattleKart locations in France, Germany, Belgium and Austria, with Melbourne being the first outside of Europe.