Bringing innovative, exciting product to market is the only way to compete for InJoy Motion, as InterGame finds out

InJoy Motion InJoy Motion

With competition in the amusement industry at an all-time high, Taiwanese games manufacturer InJoy Motion continues to place a strong importance on R&D in order to bring the best innovative product to the table and stay ahead of the game.

A huge amount of resources are ploughed into the research and development of InJoy’s products and this has seen this department grow at a remarkable rate in recent years, diversifying and branching out into several technological sub-divisions along the way.

“Our R&D team has devoted its time and effort into project applications for more than a decade,” says InJoy’s Cynthia Lai. “We now have twice the number of people as we started out with and we assign every task a project manager and use team members from each department and division.”

InJoy Motion is an affiliation of Internet Motion Navigation Corporation, which was founded in 1989. It has spent the past 20 years investing in interactive motion simulation and visual reality integration.

“The most successful projects we’ve been a part of have involved the effective application of such technology on integrative fields, such as national defence device simulation, leisure and sport activity simulation, medicine and rehabilitation treatments and amusement and entertainment solutions,” says Lai. “These technology-based investments and successful applications resulted in rapid growth and development at InJoy Motion.”

Being based in Taiwan, the amount of domestic business opportunities available to InJoy has been limited, which is why the majority of its sales come from overseas. From the leading markets to developing countries, InJoy’s products can be found in at least 20 countries around the world covering Asia, North and South America, Europe, Africa and the Oceania region.