An Oklahoma, US, casino has upgraded to IGT Advantage, the casino management system.


It will make Oklahoma the first state to offer IGT’s fully integrated turnkey cashless solution, reports the company. Oklahoma has the second-highest concentration of gaming machines per capita, the company added.

Indigo Sky Casino in Wyandotte is the latest to join the cashless revolution using a multi-year agreement with IGT and a phased roll-out of the Resort Wallet and IGTPay modules of the IGT Advantage system.

"Enhancing Indigo Sky Casino's IGT Advantage deployment with IGT's Resort Wallet and IGTPay modules will truly differentiate our gaming experience in Oklahoma and give our guests access to the industry's most user-friendly cashless gaming technology," said Melanie Heskett, Indigo Sky Casino general manager.

"As the demand for cashless and contactless payment technologies accelerates in nearly every sector, Indigo Sky Casino is pleased to be an early mover in this space by partnering with our long-time growth partner, IGT."