KamaGames Group has launched Omaha Poker by Pokerist, a new addition to the hugely popular KamaGames flagship title Pokerist Texas Poker.

Omaha Poker - KamaGames

Along with Texas Poker, blackjack, roulette and baccarat, Omaha Poker can be easily accessed via the new, simple to use, one-click main menu in Pokerist. 

Omaha Poker is the latest expansion to the hugely successful Pokerist Texas Poker and features a tutorial and a slick interface which will give players all over the world the opportunity to learn and master this unique variation of poker.

Omaha hold 'em or simply “Omaha” is a poker variant similar to Texas hold 'em. The basic differences between Omaha and Texas hold 'em are that each player is dealt four cards instead of two and must make their best hand using two of them plus three of the five community cards.

The attraction to Omaha for players is the increased number of cards equates to wider card combinations which in turn means more hands being played for bigger pots.

Available via an app update on iOS and Android, with Windows 10 to follow soon, Omaha Poker introduces a whole new level of challenge and strategy to Pokerist as well as having all of the favourite features players would expect such unique daily quests, daily bonuses and achievements.

Omaha Poker will also use KamaGames’ single account and shared login system which means players will be able to use their profile across other titles from KamaGames which include the original Pokerist Texas Poker, Roulettist, 3D Blackjack and the recently release Baccarist.