Advanced betting solutions provider UltraPlay is partnering up with to present their successful use-case during G2E Asia in Macau next month.


How to establish a profitable esports betting brand will be the focus of the exclusive presentation that will be held by UltraPlay’s CEO Mario Ovcharov at the company’s booth on May 22.

Ovcharov said: “То make a profit in a very competitive and specific sector as esports today, there are certain requirements that should be followed. This applies to both new and well-established betting brands, because they can drop out of the race if they do things wrong.

"That’s why we decided to present the success story of one of our strategic partners,, and reveal more on the topic: how to establish a profitable esports betting brand.”

There are certain trends and key elements that need to be considered when entering the esports betting field. It’s a whole new betting universe combining the rapidly growing esports sector and the various requirements of entertainment new-age bettors have.

A use-case of, a betting brand that entered the global gambling market a year ago and established a name for an ultimate esports entertainment place already, will be presented during G2E Asia.