Star Sports Group has expanded its product services with the launch of a new recruitment agency that aims to provide staffing solutions for the global gambling industry.

Star Recruitment

Star Recruitment, headed by CEO Simon Banks, has been set up to offer opportunities to industry professionals and graduates looking to progress their career path in one of the world’s fastest-growing industries.

Vacancies available through the new service will cover a wide range of job functions, including marketing, product development, sales and trading.

From on-course and retail operations, Star Sports has grown to include telephone credit and debit betting, online sports betting, spread betting and bookmakers’ services, including white label and affiliate programs and hedging.

Star Sports founder, Ben Keith, said: “These are very exciting times for the global gambling industry and there are some great opportunities for professionals to develop their career in places all around the world.

“As Star Sports has expanded, we have recruited a lot of staff at all levels, so we understand the challenge that operators face in securing the best talent.

“We are seeing new jurisdictions opening up, such as the legalising of online sports betting in a number of US states, which means the search for the best talent available will become increasingly important.”

Star Recruitment CEO Simon Banks, added: “Star Recruitment is a logical extension of the Star Sports brand and we aim to adhere to the core values of our parent company: honesty, integrity and discretion, as we grow the business. The global gambling industry is facing a future of rapid expansion and operators will need to source the talent required to meet market demands.

“The gambling industry offers excellent career opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds with different talents and experiences, and we look forward to helping them find the perfect job.”