A television advert fronted by Sky Sports presenter Jeff Stelling has been banned by the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority.

The ad, promoting Sky Bet’s Request a Bet service, asked “how big is your sports noggin?” with a large screen behind the presenter featuring stats and a graphic of brain waves.

The ASA received two complaints that the ad was irresponsible, due to the implication that those with a good sporting knowledge were likely to experience gambling success.

Sky Bet argued that it was accepted that knowledge of a specific sport would on the whole increase a consumer’s chances of success.

However, the ASA considered that the ad gave an erroneous perception of the extent of a gambler’s control over betting success, by placing undue emphasis on the role of sports knowledge. The regulator considered that this gave consumers an unrealistic and exaggerated perception of the level of control they would have over the outcome of a bet and that could lead to irresponsible gambling behaviour and was therefore in breach of its rules.

“The ad must not be broadcast again in the form complained of,” the ASA stated.