Fanatics has the tools to come out on top in the race between the two major newcomers in the US sports betting market, according to LiveScore Group CEO Sam Sadi.


Speaking at iGaming 2024: The Future of iGaming, an event hosted by Xtremepush, the omnichannel customer engagement platform powered by a real-time customer data platform, Sadi outlined his belief that the superior knowledge and experience of the Fanatics team presents them with a significant competitive advantage over rivals ESPN Bet.

Flutter, the parent company of FanDuel, has estimated that the overall regulated sports betting market in the US will be worth more than $40bn by 2030.

“Fanatics has the better chance of winning,” said Sadi, in a fireside chat with Xtremepush CEO Tommy Kearns at London’s Southbank Centre.

“ESPN Bet probably won’t, unless they realise the full difficulties they face with Barstool, they understand what’s missing, they’re patient and they invest a lot in technology.

“Why should Fanatics win? Because they already understand it. A lot of their executives, management and engineering team come from Sky Bet.

"They know what it takes to build a world-class sportsbook and they know that convergence is difficult. They’re willing to be patient and construct an entire ecosystem piece by piece, with every component being best-in-class.”