Rightlander, the affiliate landing page tracker, has joined forces with BGO Entertainment to help the operator improve affiliate compliance and boost its responsible gambling measures.

The technology scans any website and builds a list of locations an operator’s brand is mentioned or linked to. It follows each link to its final destination on the website, takes a screen shot and stores it in a personalised library.

This will help BGO discover affiliate websites linking to its pages that it is currently unaware of, allowing the operator to ensure the affiliates sending traffic to its site are fully compliant and acting responsibly.

The platform also allows the operator to define “compliance violation events” that notify it automatically when Rightlander discovers matching content on any of the websites found linking to them.

It means BGO is able to demonstrate to the UK Gambling Commission and other regulators that it is doing all it can to ensure the affiliates sending traffic to its websites are acting responsibly.

Rightlander founder Ian Sims said: “Online casino operators understand the onus is on them to ensure the affiliates sending traffic to their sites are acting responsibly, but monitoring and managing all of this is a tall order.

“Our platforms takes the hassle out of ensuring affiliate compliance and we are thrilled to be working with BGO to help them improve their processes and to better manage their affiliate partners.”