With regions like Latin America attracting huge interest from the industry, ICE 2024 has been the perfect launch pad for Edge, Genius Sports’ latest pricing and risk management tool that enables sportsbooks to maximise profits across unlimited events and bets.


Ben Levene, head of marketing at Genius Sports, said the Edge launch represented an extension of the group's in-play and risk management capabilities.  

“Edge is a profitability tool: it enables sportsbooks to price their betting markets according to their liabilities and creates margins based on the bet levels coming in. It will dynamically recalculate real-time liabilities at a fixture and market-type level,” said Levene.

The group is a leading provider of betting data in Europe and the US and Levene said Latin America will provide even more momentum as Brazil goes live with regulated online betting and gaming, while Africa is also attracting much interest.

Latency is always a key priority for partners, the group noted, and Genius Sports’ exclusive access to sports stadiums in top sports leagues in Europe and across South American markets like Argentina, Brazil and Mexico means it provides "the fastest and most accurate data in the market and a fully-rounded product for key high turnover sports like football and basketball.”

Levene added: "Edge helps our customers lock in margins on a 24/7 basis. Operators have to offer thousands of events and market types every day and Edge enables them to automate how their odds move based on their liabilities, how they relate across different markets and bet types. This means the pricing is really efficient on every market and bet type at scale and provides incremental market growth as it applies to pre-game and in-play bets and can be applied to bet builders."