The increasing number of markets that are regulating their online betting and gaming sectors is placing a much greater emphasis on compliance issues, according to Antonio Zanghi, CEO of Compliance One.

ComplianceOne Group

Zanghi told ICE Daily at the conference: "The topic of compliance is now at the forefront of operators' minds because regulators are taking a sustained interest.

"The subject has also evolved considerably for gambling companies, especially with regard to technical compliance viability. In 2023 they are required to show and must demonstrate to regulators that their companies are fully compliant with local regulations."

Zanghi added that his company was seeing lots of interest from both clients and prospects during this year’s ICE and added that the need for balance between regulation and providing a productive environment for operators was as important as it has ever been.

Zanghi said the gambling advertising that had been implemented by Italy and other markets in recent years had led to chanelling rates dropping to 50 per cent, as illegal operators took advantage of the market conditions and continued to target Italian players.     

The rise in regulatory fines across major markets such as the UK or in Scandinavia had also raised the profile of compliance issues.

“Regulation and compliance is an ongoing process," he said. "Getting licensed in a specific country is not the end, in many ways it is another start in the regulatory process."