Aircash has signed a strategic contract with Novibet, an established game tech company with a robust presence in Europe, the Americas and New Zealand.


The year for Aircash has started with remarkable momentum, marked by numerous new agreements and strategic alliances, strengthening its position as a driving force in the industry.

Building on this success, the partnership with Novibet propels Aircash into an exciting phase of growth and innovation. Aircash holds the esteemed position of a Licensed Electronic Money Institution in the EU.

Recognsed by the European Banking Authority and registered as an official Mastercard EU Issuer, Aircash also operates as a regulated financial institution in Switzerland under the supervision of the Swiss SRO. 

Mark Watts, Aircash igaming executive director, said: "This strategic partnership with Novibet is a testament to Aircash's commitment to innovation and global expansion.

"As we focus heavily on the Greek market this year, this collaboration aligns perfectly with our vision for delivering cutting-edge financial solutions to users in the region."