UnisTechnology has released the Godzilla vs. Kong Smasher game based on the blockbuster sci-fi/action movie.


The whacking game features lifelike 3D sculptures of Godzilla and Kong in a four-player multilevel setup with a tiered reward system.

Godzilla vs. Kong Smasher offers a multi-stage gameplay experience where players become Kong or Godzilla, smashing through waves of monsters. The game's levels are tied to a story-driven goal of decreasing the monsters' health bars, enhancing player immersion beyond just gameplay.

The game introduces unique whacking targets, combining horizontal and vertical elements, unlike other games with only one type of target. Unis says this mix adds strategy and complexity, creating a frenzied atmosphere that demands swift and decisive player actions.

The gameplay unfolds in three distinct stages. Players aim to defeat Kong or Godzilla by reducing their health bars within a time limit.

They must swiftly hit both horizontal and vertical targets as they appear, with the pace increasing as the game advances, requiring fast and precise reactions from players.

Players who can completely clear the health bar win the bonus. This added incentive ensures that players are continually engaged and encourages repeat play.

The game is also available in a two-player configuration.