What came before Pong, the US original that is better known simply as Ping Pong in UK video game annals?


The answer is still with creator Nolan Bushnell, working with partner Ted Dabney. Together they built Computer Space for Nutting Associates.

Now UK technology innovator Heber has published on its website details of how to design, 3D print and build a full-sized replica of this 1971 game.

The company’s commercial director, Richard Horne, takes you through the stages of creating what was originally built into a moulded fibreglass cabinet. Pictured here is Pong next to an original Computer Space game cabinet.

Now Horne has built a replica cabinet based on the original machines and a series of videos on the Heber website takes viewers through the processes.

His re-creation is now housed in the Arcade Archive Museum in Stroud, Gloucestershire, under the name Retro Collective where hands-on participation is encouraged.