New Zealand is to stage an Oceania final for a Tekken 6 Blood Rebellion competition. Held at the Armageddon Expo in Auckland from October 24 to 26, it is a retail show giving those involved in the coin-op industry excellent cross-over.

Gary Walker of Coincascade, which operates Timezone locations, told InterGame: "We always exhibit here to keep the ‘home gamers’ aware that coin-op still has plenty of new stuff."

Tekken 6 BR is currently providing Timezone centres with a great revenue producing attraction. The Tekken franchise has been popular since its inception in 1994 and its latest version is proving hugely popular.

The aim of the event is to seize on the popularity of Tekken by introducing a competition helping to create a buzz throughout the centres and encourage more gameplay.

Last year’s final for Tekken 6 was held at Timezone Philippines and competitors from the US, Philippines, Australia and New Zealand will take part in this year’s event.

Watching the event will be four representatives from Namco Japan - Katsuhiro Harada, director of Tekken series, Tatsuro Okamoto, general manager of AM production department, Yuta Fujishige, international sales, and Asako Ueno from the promotions department.