A Hi-Fly trampoline park in Germany now has a mixed reality indoor arena added.

Valo Arena has added their mixed reality tech to a German park

Finland’s Valo Motion has added the feature to the park at Hilden. The company specialises in interactive technology with physical activities and its new game needs no visor or other attachments to the person to be played. It maximises physical activity and social interaction between players.

It is the first time that ValoArena has been deployed outside of Finland.

Raine Kajastila, CEO at Valo Motion, said: “Trampoline parks became a huge hit 15 years ago, but these days that business model is evolving as consumer demands change. The original trampoline park concept was somewhat age limited in that younger kids can enjoy the trampolines while parents could not be as actively involved.

“Now the trend emerging is what the industry calls multi-activity. In order for people to spend more money and time in the parks – and enjoy them more – parks need to offer more diverse activities. This is why we are now seeing trampoline parks ordering ValoArena.”

ValoArena is the world’s first six-player unattended XR arena.