In keeping with the brand’s big game releases at the annual Orlando show, Sega has announced its latest in Mission: Impossible Arcade, based on the iconic Paramount Pictures franchise.

Mission: Impossible Arcade

“We are thrilled to bring this multibillion-dollar blockbuster film franchise to our market,” said Paul Williams, CEO at Sega. “The incredible excitement for current films makes Mission: Impossible one of the hottest licences for video games. We have given this game the all-star treatment, starting with a revolutionary new cabinet and packing in thrilling gameplay that instantly transports players into the movie’s world. With more Mission: Impossible films planned, this franchise is, without doubt, a must-have for operators in 2020.”

Visitors to SEGA’s booth 1506 will be able to experience the immersive spy world when they enter the game’s four-player cabinet. Designed to look like an IMF (Impossible Mission Force) safehouse, the interiors are full of details that are designed to convey the feel of the top-secret hideout. Edge lighting on the control area and subwoofers, spot player lighting and LED floor lighting strips flood more light in the cabinet further enhancing players in the hi-tech feel of the game.

All the in-game action takes place on two 55ins HD screens and a video camera feed shows the leading team player’s face during gameplay. Four powerful bass shakers embedded in the floor in conjunction with surround sound and subwoofers complete the immersive feel.

“The Mission: Impossible films are some of the best spy movies ever made,” said Justin Burke, general manager at Sega. “The adrenaline-fueled action and twists make the movie series a cultural phenomenon and we’ve brought all this energy and excitement to the game. Every detail from cabinet to game software has been designed to immerse the player in the high-tech spy world of Mission: Impossible.” 

The attraction cabinet features the iconic fuse from the films with a bright animated light that moves gradually around the edge of the cabinet; giving it a distinctive look. A smart proximity sensor detects players movement and initiates a special message on the 65ins attract screen inviting players to join the game’s covert task force. Multi-sided artwork completes the theming, allowing operators to feature the game as attraction centrepiece.

Williams added: “Mission: Impossible Arcade ushers a brand-new era in cabinet design for the industry. Our R&D team is leading the way by bringing fresh new ideas and engineering to achieve this breath-taking cabinet design.” The brand-new dual pistol controllers are heralded as “the next stage in-game controller technology.”

Using accelerometer technology increases controller reliability by reducing moving parts on the new controllers allowing a greater range of motion and accuracy. Feature lighting on the controller is designed to entice players and encourage them to keep playing.

“This new hardware synergises perfectly with game software allowing us to create fun new elements to the way players eliminates enemies. Using a single trigger fires a high accuracy shot while holding down both triggers allows for dual wield burst damage,” said Shinichi Ogasawara, R&D game producer at Sega.

The game asks players to take on the role of IMF trainees and to complete missions to sabotage enemy plans that aim to weaponize humanoid robots. Players will use advance spy gadgets and weapons to complete their missions. Playing as a single or two-person team players must complete missions before its rival team does, adding a competitive edge to the game versus either real opponents in linked games or AI opponents.

Gameplay sees nine stages across three missions with agents having to stealthily descend great heights, hack systems, eliminate opponents, track enemy targets, blast down doors, shoot and chase down enemies.

“Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to visit SEGA booth 1506 at IAAPA! You will not want to miss it. We will have our entire sales team and key R&D personnel to discuss this and other products at the show,” said Vince Moreno, US sales manager at Sega.