Casino Technology has launched new intriguing game packs from the famous Gamopolis and Tower series.

Due to the universal concept and applicability to specific preferences of customers and operators, the latetst Gamopolis Speedway 76 multigame aims to enhance players’ experience and to contribute to the venue’s diversity of product offerings. Tower 102 is a smart mix of 40 full HD games with fruity themes that ensure maximum occupancy of slot machines.

Elena Shaterova, global sales director at Casino Technology, said: “As a well recognised manufacturer and provider of highly performing gaming solutions with 20 years of history, Casino Technology has series of successful multigames released so far. The newest Gamopolis Speedway 76 and Tower 102 prove that our gaming concepts are created with the aim to be tuned with the customers. The game packs facilitate players’ choice of games and create new sense of interactivity and convenience.”

Shaterova added that both multigames enable players to quickly and easily navigate among all 40 titles available in each pack, with the opportunity for flexible setting of the games, according to changing conditions, consumer demand and the marketing strategy of the operator.

Tower 102 offers timeless slot themes without overcomplicated backstories. The inspired light show style graphics with a visual feast of falling fruit pieces, shows just how exciting fruit style slot games can be.

The game pack has been developed to be housed in the latest Casino Technology cabinet - EZ Modulo Tower, standing out with 43ins J-curved monitor with 4K resolution.

Along with the proved to be successful titles from the Casino Technology rich game library, new games have been added as well to the Gamopolis Speedway 76, such as virtual roulette. Delivering a super-realistic wheel display and an exciting side game conducted in vivid colours, the high-resolution interface enhances player interaction with active scene changes.