Legal action has been started by Tabcorp, the big Australian betting company, against fellow major Entain, plus the New South Wales division of the Australian Hotels Association.


The case was lodged yesterday in the NSW Supreme Court. Tabcorp is seeking preliminary discovery over the recently-concluded advertising deal in the state, that Tabcorp believes may be contrary to the Unlawful Gambling Act of 1998.

There is a monopoly in NSW pubs and clubs for Tabcorp’s retail betting - a licence that was extended for 20 years in 2013. But Entain has signed a deal with the hotels that will enable pubs to advertise digital betting platforms under the Ladbrokes and Neds brands.

The complaint by Tabcorp states that both Entain and the hotels association have failed to provide adequate levels of information to Tabcorp on the deal, so that Tabcorp may make a decision on whether to start proceedings.