BMM Testlabs is pleased to support the Indian Gaming Association Tradeshow and Convention in San Diego from March 27-30.


BMM Testlabs is a proud sponsor of the Indian Gaming Association show this year, supporting the opening ceremony, chairman’s luncheon and more.

Holly Billy, senior tribal services manager, commented: “BMM has been a proud member and supporter of the Indian Gaming Association since 2006.

"This year we are delighted to be sponsoring the IGA trade show while also taking part in various presentations, panels and events throughout the week.

"BMM is honoured to be able to work alongside our tribal partners at this prestigious event and looks forward to welcoming guests to our private VIP room on the show floor.”

BMM Testlabs will be presenting a donation to Spirit of Sovereignty through BMM’s Next Generation Initiative. Billy continued" “Spirit of Sovereignty is an IGA-advised donor fund that helps make higher education a reality for deserving Indian students.

"BMM’s Next Generation Initiative is very pleased to be able to make a difference in tomorrow’s tribal communities today.”