There was a staggering total of over 250 games on the G2E stand of Bally Technologies in Las Vegas last week.

“We cater for all segments of the market,” said director of corporate communications Laura Olson-Reyes. “We are a truly global gaming company and our stand here this year is intended to reflect that fact.”

Among the new premium games was Power Strike, which is unique because the top prize in the five-level progressive jackpot is intended to be a high value one such as a car or holiday rather than cash. The prize then acts as the attraction; at G2E it was a stunning custom-built motorcycle. The cost of the top prize is added into the game’s maths formula, allowing that cost to be configured into the top jackpot award as if it were cash.

There was also an addition to Bally’s Playboy series of slots on the V32 platform with its 32ins vertical touchscreen video display - Playboy Platinum. This is the first time that a Playboy game has been offered for sale rather than participation.